Want to get better at the fiddle?

I am available for private fiddle lessons on Skype or in person in Medford, MA. I’ve been teaching private lessons for the last 10 years and I enjoy working with all ages and ability levels. Lessons are tailored to each student's individual needs and interests.  Together we can focus on technique, repertoire, music theory, improvisation, stylistic elements, group playing skills and more.  

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$40/half hour lesson - $70/hour lesson

Lesson Policy: Payment is required before each lesson.

Cancellation Policy: Life happens, unfortunately. If you need to cancel a lesson, please let me know as soon as possible. If you give me 24 hours’ notice, you will not be charged and we’ll reschedule our lesson as schedules allow. However, if you happen to not show up, forget, or provide me with less than 24 hours’ notice, I will not reschedule and you will be charged for that lesson. If I have to cancel, you will have that lesson credit available for a future time.

Payment: For in person lessons I accept cash, checks or PayPal/Venmo/Square payments.  For Skype lessons I accept PayPal/Venmo/Square payments.

Gear: For our lessons, you will be responsible for acquiring and bringing your own gear (instrument, bow, case, shoulder rest, rosin, tuner, computer, Skype account, etc). I’d be happy to provide recommendations if needed. As part of your tuition fee, I will provide recordings for songs and exercises that we will work on together.

What my students are saying... 

Bronwyn is a gifted fiddle teacher with an uncommon ability to intuit what her students need and how they learn best. She teaches a broad range of students, including accomplished musicians, but I came to her as a 50-year-old with basically no musical background at all. As anyone who has tried this instrument knows, the fiddle has a learning curve that can be daunting to beginners. But Bronwyn managed to coax me to the next level and the next. She is deeply knowledgeable, patient and has an infectious love of the music. She makes it fun. My sense is that great musicians are not always great teachers. Bronwyn is both. I would recommend her to anyone.  - Steve W.


Bronwyn has been a fantastic teacher for our daughter "M" for the last two years. She started with the O'Connor method, which was a great way to get a basic grounding in American fiddle music but quickly started to pull in tunes and techniques from other resources as well. Bronwyn has also been receptive to M's interests in various tunes and songs from Celtic to modern bluegrass to folk styles and has worked with her to learn and play these varied styles. All the while, Bronwyn has done a great job of teaching M to progress as a musician and as a fiddler.  

I see Bronwyn as a flexible and adaptive teacher who is willing to take varied paths toward a goal instead of insisting on single method or path. She is encouraging and gentle, and, because of these traits, she is able to ask her students to stretch themselves and try things they may not believe they can play. Bronwyn's Berklee training comes through as well as she layers aspects of musical theory into her teaching where it will help the student progress as a player and musician.

Finally, as an accomplished fiddler and a performer, Bronwyn goes beyond being a teacher and takes on a role of being someone young students can look up to, admire, and seek to emulate. I think our daughter sees her as a mentor. Our experience with Bronwyn has been fantastic, and I heartily recommend her as a teacher to anyone looking to grow and develop as a fiddler.  - Jeremy J.


Bronwyn is everything you want in an instructor - knowledgeable, talented, patient, and encouraging. I am learning Irish fiddle and am always impressed by her knowledge of Irish tunes. She is so good at breaking down the steps to make picking up tunes feel easy, and I have been able to learn quickly with her help. I really enjoy taking lessons with Bronwyn and would recommend her to anyone interested in fiddle or violin lessons! - Sarah D.